Clinton High School Class of 84

25 Year Reunion

"Back to CSHS- 80's style!"

Making a Difference - The Class of 1984

Upon returning to Clinton High as a teacher, I was introduced to a whole new set of challenges the school faces that are much different than what we faced in 1984.

Many were social and demographic in nature.

As a few of us began to talk about the reunion, we felt the desire to once again do something to give back to the school that gave us so much. A golf tournament was held at the 15 year reunion and funds collected and given to the faculty at faculty meeting. They were so appreciative. This year we wanted to go bigger and better if possible.

CHS has been hit really hard by the economic downturn and many students are living in homes where neither parent still has employment. This makes it difficult to reach the high level of achievement and quality desired in student programs. We would like to be the class that presents a "Make a Difference" challenge to all other CSHS/CHS grads. At the football game we would like to present at least $1500 to CHS and challenge other classes to do the same.

Think about it, if every person in our class gave only $10 that would actually be about $2000. Some can do more and some less but I think $1500 or more is an achievable goal. To allow you to direct your contribution to specific programs you feel are most important, we have complied a list with a description of current needs.

Your contribution will go straight to the program(s) you select. We hope you will consider being part of this effort and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of someone who is sitting right where you did 25 years ago.


Obviously, what we knew as CSHS has not only changed to CHS but has grown in both size and scope as the desire and goal to meet the needs and interests of students continues to be the number one priority. As graduates, we should desire to create some kind of lasting impact on our school…at least something more than being the last class allowed to take a senior trip! Let's pitch in and make a contribution to be proud of at halftime this fall!

Looking forward to making a difference as the Class 0f '84
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